Sewing Machines

Apr 18 2014
Apr 14 2014

this is a record that exists. you probably want to give it a listen (especially the melt banana version of “we will rock you”).

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Apr 11 2014
Apr 08 2014
Mar 25 2014
Feb 22 2014

ever hear a song and just go “damn why didn’t i write that?”

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Feb 11 2014


This review of Cat Power’s Sun appeared in a 2012 issue of Maximum Ink, a Madison-based music magazine that can be found all over Wisconsin. It is my favorite review I have ever read, so I framed it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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Feb 07 2014


the opposite of Frank Ocean is Vague River

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Feb 06 2014

Venom’s rejection letter from EMI


Venom’s rejection letter from EMI

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Feb 03 2014


even odds that i’ll have my posting privileges revoked now

images taken from the odessa steps sequence of battleship potemkin (but you all knew that of course)

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